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                  Development History

                  • 2015

                    On Jan 6, EVE group passed examination of the CHES2004 Enterprise credit evaluation standard system

                  • 2014

                    On Jan 9 , CEO Xia Hua won the 2013 annual figure of struggle year On Feb 14

                  • 2013

                    In Jan , EVE won 2012 excellent brand award In Jan , Mrs Xia Hua was awarded the golden phoenix prize of cu

                  • 2012

                    On Feb 8 , CEO Xia Hua joined the show On the road , talked to youngers about the story of entrepreneurship E

                  • 2011

                    On Jan 8 , group deputy general manager Zhang Zhifeng won the 2010 China& 39;s textile labor model On Jan 20 ,

                  • 2010

                    In Jan, EVE group allied Lv Siqing to hold a grand concert in Chongqing , feedback the trust of VIP friends t

                  • 2009

                    In 2009 Spring Festival party ,EVE brands provide clothing for language programs CEO Xia Hua won the title of to

                  • 2008

                    In Jan , EVE won the Beijing clothing marketing gold brand in 2007 In Mar , EVE won the planning award nominat

                  • 2007

                    On Feb 8, EVE obtain Beijing top ten popular clothing brand and Beijing clothing marketing gold award in 2006 On

                  • 2006

                    In January , EVE brand awarded Beijing top ten popular clothing brand once again , continue to firmly suit firs

                  • 2005

                    CEO Xia Hua Won the title of China Economic Female Figures of the Year 2 EVE brands topped the list of

                  • 2004

                    EVE brands was honored Beijing famous brand products 2 EVE brands won the first prize of national suit c

                  • 2003

                    EVE held the first China international garment buyer wealth summit 2 The group CEO Xia Hua was the only fem

                  • 2002

                    EVE DE UOMO was rated as China& 39;s top ten men& 39;s clothing brand with most popular consumers ,Zero comp

                  • 2001

                    EVE set off a whirlwind of an emotional fashion , meanwhile brought out the black book Proposition 2 The St

                  • 1999

                    In 1999, EVE DE UOMO Was awarded the best-selling brands and consumers satisfied products in Chinese market

                  • 1998

                    In 1998 , EVE DE UOMO Was named high-quality products with the most popular consumers in Chinese market

                  • 1997

                    In 1997 , EVE DE UOMO was rated as China& 39;s fastest growing brand of men& 39;s clothing

                  • 1994

                    In 1994,EVE group was established and set up the brand of EVE DE UOMO