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                  Brand introduction

                  LET THE WORLD SEE BEAUTY

                  "I just had to allow the whole world see the masterpieces created by craftsmen here, and make everyone realize that there are many beautiful places and people in China, who are inheriting the essence of Chinese crafts and culture through their own efforts. Allow the world see us, so that the world will respect us and subsequently fall in love with our Chinese handicrafts."

                  Ms. Xia Hua, The Founder

                  THEIR STORIES

                  "Every day,when I wake up,I only want to do two things:to embroider and to sing Women in the past were so diligent They could sing songs while making embroidery The wonderful thing was their ability to express their feelings through their embroidery. However, those old treasures are about to be lost So I will do my best teach more and more young people so that they themselves can enter the world of embroidery National Intangible Cultural Heritage: Tin Embroidery

                  Long Nü San Jiu

                  THEIR STORIES

                  The life of embroidery is limited, as are lives of its creators.
                  When they finish their last dress.
                  Life is going to end.
                  Embroidery is a great honour for the Miao women.


                  The work of hands means much more than that of machines.
                  There are thousands of people across the mountains of China who record for posterity the beauty of life through their handicrafts.
                  They cannot read, and they don't have any drafts to work from, but they are still able to describe their dreams with only a
                  single needle or length of thread.
                  The love and expectations of women can be found within, through the records of the Miao history and legend.
                  They have created the same design for over thousands of years…


                  Due to the development of modern culture, and their poverty.
                  many of them have been compelled to do small business, selling fruits.
                  This decreases their feeling of self-worth as craftsmen.
                  As the years go by, these beautiful handicrafts will be lost without a trace.
                  Over the past 15 years.
                  Ms. Xia Hua and her team.
                  have been searching for these craftswomen, among the cities and mountains.
                  They aim to lead them in a race against modern civilization,.
                  through the power of commerce and fashion.